Mr. Winters has over 25 years of management experience in the telecommunications industry and has been involved in wireless communications since 1988. Mr. Winters is the founder and president of White Hawk Associates, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in corporate strategy, technology planning, interim management assignments, executive placement and mergers and acquisitions. He sits in the board of directors at Techno Com Wireless, eVergent Technologies and on the board of advisors at Venture Catapult.

Prior to establishing his own business, Mr. Winters served as the chief operating officer of SignalSoft Corporation (NASDAQ: SGSF). SignalSoft is a software development company that builds location-based applications and middleware and sells to wireless operators worldwide. Mr. Winters joined the company during seed funding in 1996 and was instrumental in its growth into a successful public company. SignalSoft was sold to Openwave (NASDAQ: OPWV) in 2002.

Before joining SignalSoft, Mr. Winters was the vice president of business development for Coral Systems, which developed and sold fraud detection software to wireless operators. Prior to that, he was the managing director of corporate technology at AirTouch Communications and held a number of other management positions at AirTouch and PacTel Cellular.